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Why choose a professional photographer?

Making the property attractive to potential buyers is the most important thing a real-estate agent or home owner must do when selling a property. With over 80% of searches starting on the internet your property must stand out above the others. The most effective way to do this is with a professional photographer.
Recent studies have shown that properties photographed by a professional photographer:

. Have a perceived increased value of over 12%.
. Sell faster and for more
. Have increased buyers at home opens
. Give agents a more professional image
. Is more likely to sell.
. Increased web traffic to an agents listings.

The formula is simple
Better photography → More interest → More people viewing = More offers at a higher price.

Some home owners and real-estate agents feel that only the larger and higher price homes will benefit from a professional photographer. I believe that this is a miss conception, the smaller 3 x 1 or "handy man's dream" can benefit hugely by a professional photographer. Remember we are competing against similar homes in the same price bracket and our objective is to get the buyers to your listing first. Getting images that do this can only be achieved by someone that has spent hundreds of hours focused on lighting and image composition. Remember just because you have Michelangelo's brush does not mean you can paint the Sistine Chapel.