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What is HDR?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technique that allows the light and dark areas on an image to be exposed correctly to reveal detail. HDR is a post capture technique that requires multiple exposures to create a single image. In real-estate photography it is used to bring out detail that may not be seen in a standard image. HDR can turn a drab image into something a little more eye catching, and in real-estate eye catching is what will get potential buyers in the door. Below are two samples of HDR photography, just roll your mouse over the top of each image to view the before and after effect.

Why HDR?

Cameras are limited to the amount of detail they can record when the sensor is exposed to light. Cameras do not record light as our eyes do. When exposing a sensor to an image with varied light, detail will be lost in either high lights or in shadows or both. With HDR this can be overcome and details in both areas can be achieved.